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18pt. Quality Checklist

Your order is in quality hands. After you place your order with Custom Box Line, our printing experts run your order through our 18 points quality checklist.

Quality Checklist

1- Resolution:

We need to help you keep your resolutions. So to ensure your printed artwork looks great, your picture should be no less than 300 DPI (dots per inch).

2- Image Size:

We need to ensure that your picture fits the size you chose for your printed piece.

3- Bleeds:

We guarantee that all your artwork is set up to the bleed line and cut line to ensure proper cutting.

4- Borders:

We review the borders on your printed images, which ought to be no less than 1/4-inch thick, plus 1/8-inch bleed for a total size of 3/8-inch thick.

5- Watermarks:

We examine your printed piece for watermarks, which are translucent logo in paper usually created to avoid duplicating.

6- Orientation:

We expect you want all your pictures to face in the right direction, and not upside down or in reverse, so we check for that too.

7- Content and image safety:

You don’t need your content or pictures to get cut off, isn’t that right? We ensure your content and pictures are inside the safety lines

8- Perforation/score Safety:

We thoroughly check for proper perforation and score arrangement.

9- Hole drill:

For items such as Door hangers, booklets etc, we check for appropriate gap placement.

10- Picture centered:

We don’t want our clients to experience the ill effects of a picture issues. We ensure your picture is centered properly so your printed image looks only the way you want it.

11- Color Options:

Custom Box Line offers 4/4 (Color front, Color back), 4/1 (color front, black and white back), and 4/0 (color front and blank black). We examine your printed piece and ensure it’s printing with the right color choices.

12- Key lines (AKA holding lines):

The way to key lines is you should not see them. We check to guarantee that there are no key lines appearing in your printed artwork.

13- 400% ink coverage:

We can’t print 400% ink coverage, which is 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 100% Yellow and 100% Black. We change over 400% Black to Rich Black since 400% ink coverage would bring a sloppy and inadmissible print.

14- Double Crop marks:

You don’t have to use crop marks when printing with Custom Box Line, however our printing press specialists ensure your picture is centered and cover the crop marks so they don’t appear on your final picture.

15- Drop outs:

We check your image, artwork for blurred, faded or wiped out shadings.

16- Rich Black:

When you need a area of strong black inside a image, 100% Black (K) won’t result in a strong, immersed dark. You should use Rich Black, which is made by blending different shades of ink with black ink to deliver a much darker and deeper black on press than can be accomplished by utilizing black ink alone. To create rich black on images printed by Custom Box Line, your CMYK adjustment values must be 50% Cyan (C), 40% Magenta (M), 40% Yellow (Y), and 100% Black (K).

17- FPO provided:

In the event that you are printing a die cut or foil stamped piece, or you printed a piece with hold drilling, scoring or a puncturing, we search for your “For Placement Only” file for printing.

18- Indicia:

If your printed piece is being sent, we check for a right indicia.