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CustomBoxline provides customized printing and packaging solutions online. Select from a wide range of styles and materials such as paper, kraft, die-cut or cardboard. Our raw materials are high quality. We now provide corrugation too. Big or small, plain or ornate, emblazoned or minimalist, talk to our team about your needs and it will be done to your specifications. Not sure what you need or stuck between choices? Searching for something trendy or offbeat and quirky? Our friendly customer service representatives will provide free design assistance following which your chosen design will be produced and shipped 100% free to your location. Our success in the US has enabled us to expand our services and we now assist customers globally. We remain competitive by offering premium printing and packaging services with the lowest possible prices. If you want creative packaging to complement your product and stand apart from the rest, join the customers who have already benefited from our work. We look forward to hearing from you. For custom quote or any inquiry, contact our sales representatives at 1-800-205-9972 from 8am to 5pm EST Monday to Friday or send us an email at

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